Saturday, 9 June 2012

Automation Software Testing

This is my first blog that going to write.
Time is a very costly and never back functional so should be take care.

I am a s/w QA engineer with 7yrs experience living in Delhi,  I would like to add my thoughts on a common platform so can be utilized by anyone. I find this is the great place to put all not only technical belong to my field evenly, that i learn from my life by doing hard work and grape the opportunity.

Software Testing

Automation Testing: 

QTP Automation Testing Stuff: I have worked in the QTP automation testing by 4+ years and works lots of customized function and application. I am sharing the same with you.

QTP Testing with Excel 

Smart GWT Testing: Last month i had worked with the test case automation of GWT application and found lots of challenges during working, after putting some extra efforts i able to complete my functional story. Below i shared link about to working.....

GWT Testing with QTP - Part 1: 

GWT Testing with QTP - Part 2: 

Manual Testing

Cloud Computing Testing 

Personal Finance
Tax Planning


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